The curious case of human kind

I was returning home, from yet another late nighter at work. The moon followed me solicitously from the night sky. The wind that blew on my face was calming enough to be a zephyr, rough enough to unsettle the bristles of my beard.If only wisdom came to me in the same quantity or even the same frequency as epiphanies do.

My ears were in service of Amit Trivedi‘s open throated rendition of “Zinda Hoon Yaar…Kafi Hain…..”. My state of mind, at that moment, felt like the love child of a benevolent breeze and the cadence of an inspired composition. Coming to think of it, most pleasures in our lives exist in this dichotomy. The wind might be the nature’s, but I needed to ride on my fifth gear to let it hit the sweet spot. The song could’ve been rendered in a remote studio, but for it appease my sense in a different time and place, it had to be on my phone. The same one on which I spoke to my mom about being late, a while ago. The creator might’ve painted a world, beautiful with broad strokes; but it is- his creations – us, who rendered it palatable. The sky might be his, but the audacity to fly an aluminium vessel,leveraging gravity is our making. Inventions are often born out of the constant need to bridge the divine and desire.

Going back to the phone and the song that was playing, how long have we come from the rudimentary beginning. A million years before, gesticulating was communication. A little after that, sounds and modulation. And much later than that languages were harnessed. In due course, messages were sent through men, birds and animals. Though man has forever been grappling with the simplification of communication, it’s not till the last century or so, that he came up with the telephone.Over the years, like any invention its relevance has gone from being an inaccessible luxury, a luxury, a necessity to a necessity with luxuries.
Curiosity has and continues to be the gliding flame to most human endeavors.

Take the being of a song for instance. Its syntax exists in the symbiosis between voice, music and lyrics. Singing is an extrapolation of voice; music is an extrapolation of sound and lyrics come from the extrapolation of grammar in words.

How fascinating is man’s endless pursuit. God left us with a barren planet filled with wild vegetation, rocks and beast. Every time man went head first with God’s design , he either came back with a swollen forehead or an eureka moment. Latter made the former worthwhile. Every breakthrough we ensconce on, has infinite head bangs behind it.

It’s feral to man’s nature ; the constant urge from within to keep simplifying processes, to decode myths, to deconstruct magnificence and expand frontiers.Look at any bike’s meter these days; it’s like an ersatz ECG to the vehicle reading distance travelled, trips taken, fuel quantity etc. It’s not far before it begins to show weather bulletins and bank balance.

And make no mistake about this urge to get to the bottom of everything, to be extramural to him. He isn’t an exception to his curiosity. He first deconstructed himself to his body, the organs it held. Mastered the mechanism, but something was amiss. He needed to put a name on his curiosity and the things he did to satiate it; he deconstructed himself further into intellect.Still he felt the lack of something. A void so unsettling. He had to label his intent and the discretion it brought to his actions; he deconstructed this manifestation to be his mind. And to regulate his body, intellect and mind, he deconstructed himself to his last identifiable speck- the soul. The soul needed governance. He devised an assumption that the creator resides in this particle, thus in him. In the process bringing godhood to his race  and chaos to the world.


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