A new beginning

Who knew a decade ago, when we were not as much a girl and guy as a bundle of spiked up estrogen and testosterone, that we would come here. You were the most beautiful phenomenon that befell me back then. You continue to be.
I remember us playfully charting our parental aspirations during late night calls, surreptitiously as kids.
It’s a wonderful feeling to know that we would soon be on the other side of the fence.My love for you, from being a feeling would soon graduate to having its own life.A new beginning-our love child.

Life is Beautiful.



So many faces, all of them separated and united by their loneliness.They brighten with day break in anticipation and sullen up like a blown off lamp in the night. The sun isn’t the only thing that rises and sets after all.
Some lost in thoughts; some ambitious; some anxious; some calm and some curious. All of them in a thought train independent of one another, yet unified by the direction of the journey embarked upon. Together, yet apart.
In this fair of faces, help me find one that I can endear to as mine.