This blog derives its name from one of my favourite Jack Nicholson movies, with corny wordplay employed to accommodate my never ending narcissism. Well, when politicians can give their grandfather’s name to sperm banks and flood relief funds; this indiscretion seems a little pardonable.
In this virtual estate, I try raising perceptive structures  of things that affect me intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. More often than not I manage to be an objective fly on the wall, remaining times end up being the wall with the adjoining rooms.



9 thoughts on “About”

    1. Out of real desi confusion, I would want to know truth behind the last line, especially the second part. Does it mean he remains a mute spectator or becomes the stand that carries the fly on its surface? Indirect lines and gestures have never been my strengths.

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  1. Thats hard stuff right there. I feel many stuff that we consider not path breaking might actually be one godamn positive revelation.
    Thank you for replying I am getting to understand English one thing at a time, thanks to wordsmiths like you.


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