Letter to a toddler

Your first words will be welcomed,
Like first streaks of light into a dark tunnel.
And your last words will be remembered,
Like last streaks of light from a dark tunnel.
What you manage to do between these words,
In short will go on to define your lifetime.

What will be celebrated as your innocence,
Will go on to become your ignorance.
What was loved as your energy,
Will be met with the crack of a whip called discipline.
Yeah, it is a funny place, this world;
Where every meaning will be in flux.
Sometimes the world would change and you wouldn’t,
And other times you would and the world wouldn’t.
As your reverence changes with relevance,
You’ll begin to learn that change in fact is constant.
And this, you’ll constantly try to come to terms with.
By the time you do; you would either be wise or old.

They will tame your free spirit,
In the name of concern.
They will bend your instincts,
In the altar of acceptance.
They will begin to ration your laughter,
For you to be taken seriously.
Only to nitpick on your lack of humour.
Their chisel wouldn’t let your rough edges be,
For your individuality isn’t the sculpture the herd would fancy.

Learn to see beyond expressions made,
Learn to hear beyond words spoken,
For impressions and intentions are a world apart.
When you fall, they’ll feel bad for you.
When you rise, they’ll feel badder.

They’ll come across as civilised creatures,
Till their primal instinct accosts them,
To contest as rats in a race for survival.

Never prostrate before a blind faith,
As credible as the endorsement seems.
Every time you question a faith,
They’ll call it a blasphemy, but do it.
Question. Question till your intellect nods,
As nothings weighs an ideology better.
And finally, preserve the child in you, my little one;
As hard as nature tries to age him into oblivion.
For only he will bring the difference to life,
Between existence and living.


8 thoughts on “Letter to a toddler”

  1. They will tame your free spirit,
    In the name of concern.
    They will bend your instincts,
    In the altar of acceptance….
    So true.. Loved it.


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