Everyday Heroes

He was weaving through the Monday morning traffic callously, with a grace of a stumbling block. He was late yet again. Lattice had become an unwilling second shadow to him over the years. His clock off late felt like a flabby twenty six hour one till the eleventh hour came. After which his lackadaisical life would attain the kinetic energy of an ejected missile.

He had an interview at ten; twenty minutes from where he was. Not a stiff ask, if it weren’t for the constipated movement of the traffic. So he had already started manufacturing sheepish reasons to give his interviewer from a dead body procession to an unicorn sighting.

The morning sun wasn’t far behind in adding fuel to the…rather , fire to the fuel. It scorched open the sweat glands on his nape to set free rapid beads of perspiration to trickle down the spine to blunt the crisp crease of his baby pink shirt.

Yeah,baby pink instead of monochromatic blue for an interview! He was that kind of a person who felt that only a rare breed of men could pull off pink with virility and grace. He counted himself among the elusive herd, if the times he had worn the colour on first dates was an indicator. But the mood of a grumpy camp with men waiting to pry over professional competence wasn’t the same as pretty young things waiting to make small talks over overpriced caffeine.

The signals to wait to the place were growing fewer in number as the sun was blunting its sting with new found fondness. It was at this point that he saw a dog itching to scurry to the other end of the road, from his signal. The incoming traffic from the right before was making the big guy panicky. Kind faced,brown with white patches, he was quite the four legged charmer. He was kept on tenterhooks from the aisle of the platform, clueless about the multitude of vehicles approaching him with fierceness, reserved to the first few seconds succeeding the cry of a war bugle.

This guy had been a dog lover, ever since his “D for dogs” days. Unlike many others, the sight of a mangled dog carcass on a highway was something that wouldn’t go off his system as a sight, common place. He knew the wonderful friends they could be, all his life and the possibility of one being run over before him, didn’t seem like something he could turn a blind eye to. He immediately moved to the side of the signal and pulled over.
Next he scurried to the mutt. He got down to his knees; established eye contact while running his fingers on his furry head. And just like that, trust and warmth was made between the two, in a matter of few seconds. In a quick reflex, he picked up the dog as he crossed to the other end of the road with him cradled in his hands. Not generally used to being lifted, all the more in this fashion; the big guy’s face blushed with bafflement as his tail’s wagging grew incessant, commensurate to his head rush.

He bent down and deposited the animal on the other side of the road, safe and sound. After wagging its tail a few hundred times in gratitude, the big guy made his way into the adjoining street. A relieved man, he scuttled back to the bike as he continued to the interview, he was comfortably late by now. He was neither a movie star, a politician nor an overrated cricketing sensation.Yet somehow, his gesture left an impact on the minds of people on the road that morning , if their collective slowing down was anything to by. While most wouldn’t go on to replicate him, their brakes would at least come on with new found empathy at the sight of a dog trying to cross the road next time. Thus without much fuss, a selfless few minutes of a man pushed the moral compass of a bunch of men around him.

Life comes to us in oxygen patches made in trees, it’s in times like this when we step out of our comfort zones for someone outside of us, that we go on to elevate life from the realm of existence to living. In the process, becoming heroes unto ourselves to look up to.


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