Million faces of headless men

To dress a sheep a wolf, to find pack acceptance;
To be an outsider and remain unnoticed.
To be the tantalizing flower on a bee pursuit.
Sometimes the yin to the yang within;
The truth in a realm of bluff;
The mirage on the mirror.

Masks of a myriad stakes he adorns-   

Mask of indifference when intimidated;
Mask of patience to eke tolerance;
Mask of anger to earmark attention;
Mask of valor on a timid day;
Mask of resilience on the periphery of breakdown;
Mask of character on the query of strength.
Mask of love to flatter a beloved;
Mask of faith to sanctify disbelief;
Mask of concern to euphemize hurt;
Mask of diplomacy to find approval;
Mask of contentment when red with envy.

Is he its generic alter ego
Or it, his versatile one?
It is the oldest rhetoric there is,
Whether he wears the mask
Or it wears him?


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