On frequencies and forgiveness

All of us are a collage of organs functioning together in sync under the umbrella of a personality-which we so passionately raise brick by brick to be a edifice-to house this entity which we vaguely try to fit under many nomenclatures; primary amongst them being soul.
This thing is sometimes the god within till the last breathe; ghost beyond the last breathe. It is the one that remains awake when one is asleep, also the one that crowds the room when alone. The one that we pamper with music and wisdom unknowingly.The one that mirrors exhibit, that pictures don’t.The one that communicates with us through our epiphanies, dreams and parallel thoughts.

This entity is the lense that colours our vision. Our world and the people in it are fashioned to its whims and fancies. Our happiness, sadness, preferences and disappointments are nothing, but external manifestations of this entity.
We call friends from acquaintances by the frequency at which we tune in. This frequency is created by similar interests, ideologies, trust and mutual respect. Contrary for the frequency with people we tend to dislike that is built on prejudices, predispositions and lack of respect. The former is a congenial space, that we feel positive about. The latter  accrues indifference; animosity at times.

Take the case of a close friend that we meet after a long time. We tend to pick from where we left last. This is possible only because of the frequencies we have been tuned together.So what nostalgia does is, it rekindles the frequencies back.
Now imagine a person, an erstwhile friend who had hurt you by his action or words leaving an unshakeable wedge between the two of you. Everytime him or his thoughts come across, we pick up where we left, courtesy the frequencies that tuned us apart.

To forgive someone or not is one’s prerogative.Forgiving doesn’t bring with it peace or spiritual enrichment like the monks would endorse.For, it is nothing but an overrated franchise of understanding.
Understanding dawns upon a person who bends at the threshold of reasonability and objectivity. It gives him the ability to sieve cause from effect dispassionately. Forgiveness or the lack of it, happens as an after thought much later.

Coming back to this entity I was flattering to cause frequencies that we fraternised in. When let down or hurt by a closed one, the pain from the aftermath causes this entity to spin in a frequency different than the previous one ; causing thus a rift. This is essentially what outbursts and heartbreaks are at a grassroot level.
This is where  understanding kicks in to mend the frequencies. It embraces the facts beneath, bereft of emotional scaffoldings. It processes the issue clinically and throws out various course of actions to clear the entity of this issue- one among them being forgiveness.
This overhaul allows the entity to function in nimbus fashion, which eventually translates into peace of mind.

Forgiveness is an act of choice, while understanding is a virtue.

We live in a time that this entity within us is prone to be taken for a ride by a clique of self appointed life coaches and spiritual gurus who act like our collective conscience, insightfully telling us a thousand ways to lead an utopian life,they deem fit. It becomes all the more sensible for us to know to deconstruct an act to be a choice or a virtue  The act of choices goes to feed our external personality, while the virtues enrich the entity within.


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