The tree of love


Since the time she came on earth, her life had been characterized by one recurring motif –neglect.
She had a cojoined sibling who was everything she was not. She was attractive and became ripened in the sweeping wave of acceptance that was earmarked to her.
Even during their formative period where they both were confined together, she could clearly sense the unanimous popularity that was beckoning her sister. She was not only an eye-candy, but was unmistakably sweet; unlike her own self whose virtues took time to grow on people.

So it was not long before her alpha sister found an enamored taker and the abyss of abandonment opened up to engulf her. It was always this eventuality that she vicariously feared in her head. A time when her not-so-fond sibling would drift apart, dropping her like a bad habit.
It was at this acerbic point from where the future looked bleak and the present didn’t look any pretty that she met him, the love of her life.

Like hers his life too wasn’t an account of being an apple of everyone’s eye. If her surroundings bore hostility, his bore indifference to his very existence. What he touched came alive. He was a blessed soul. He was seen as a very useful person and little did he know that it would go on to be his problem itself. That everyone would just use him.

He was the one wielding the wand, yet found himself at the feet of every person he wielded in favor of.

Their initial conversations were like that of two urchins stuck in a holocaust camp breaking bread, having an one-upmanship contest over whose life was more miserable .

They initially felt sympathetic towards each other’s predicaments. Then in a matter of time sympathy paved way to empathy. Empathy led to the warmth of comfort. One thing lead to another and in a matter of time, they found solace in each other’s existence and became each other’s existence.

Providence replaced hostility from their ecosystems with love. Love went a little ahead and made them each other’s ecosystem itself.
They were a beautiful couple in the wonderful ways they completed and complimented each other. Elevating their codependency to an intertwining work of art. Things which seemed like flaws not long ago, seemed to have grown into relevant traits which contributed to their combined synergy.

Every time they made love, Mother Nature would overwhelm with a downpour; for she knew that not only was it a passionate process, but a purposeful one. They aspired together to bring to life a progeny who would not only be their love child, but a torchbearer to the legacy they aspired to leave behind.

A legacy which wasn’t built by burnt fingers spitefully to prosper in isolation to prove a point to the world, but by truly altruistic minds who wanted to give back to the world what they never had received from it.
She became pregnant with their child. The one who would go on to make their existence count. He was a doting man, who would go to any extent to pamper the love of his life.  But he couldn’t afford a more forthcoming place, cordial to her maternity. They were expendable entities, whose existence or in-existence didn’t really make much dent in the larger of things.
So the only thing they could do to alter the hostility of their environment was plain hoping. Notwithstanding his vulnerability, he wouldn’t leave her side for a moment till she gave birth. He was a timid person, who let her never fear.
There were happenings beyond his control that were pulling them down with more fervor than before. Gravity of things he couldn’t fathom, but could only hope to have mercy. And the universe did respond with mercy and the things beyond them didn’t endanger their child who came out kicking.

This child grew up to dizzying heights beyond the dreams of his humble parents to be a magnificent citadel, which not only provided endlessly, but protected and preserved. Had his mother who’s looks he had inherited not died in his birth, she would’ve been a proud soul.
His bereaved father was a proud witness to his progeny’s astronomical growth, who continued being a grounded person. He went on to nurture a nursery of children to help them leave behind a legacy of their own.
It is a miraculous world out there, with a million possibilities. For who knew a thrown mango seed and wet soil would go on to leave behind an edifice of their relation someday-their Tree of love.





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