Sorry Adorable- An unposted letter

Dear Adorable,

Your incessant barking ended a surreal sleep prematurely. Founded on a fling between my over efficient air conditioner and a romantic drizzle, this meditative-deep slumber had dawned upon me after months of deliberation. I had actually come to throw you out of the precincts of my flat because of Ginger, my pet cat. That moment you wriggled from under the car, I knew my heart, that had skipped a bit wouldn’t let me. It was divine when you squinted at me trustingly with a wet forehead. The naive assurance you were hoping of me with your twinkling-bed bug eyes oblivious to my agenda.That was the closest I had come to seeing God .

My flat is in a bustling main road.Bus route at that. I couldn’t let you practice road-crossing lessons on this stretch that has made carpets out of elderly mutts,my little monster. So, after our bond was forged in that cheesy manner, you became my responsibility and I had to find a better place for you.

One that would put a roof on top and protect you from getting mauled.

After bringing you home, I called up a few friends and acquaintances who I thought might be interested in taking you in. My mom made a few calls too. We promoted you to them on the basis of your undeniable good looks. Not to mention your athletic build. Trust me, we weren’t lying when we did. I can already see neighborhood female dogs circumventing around.

Sadly, whether reasonable or not, all of them had a reason instead of a home. Buddy, this is not a reflection on you. You’re one awesome guy. You must understand how our heads work to appreciate the idiosyncrasy involved in picking a pet.

Some of us have spaces to host a cricket match in our houses, but hearts the size of a mustard seed.Some large hearted souls, hearts with circumference mutliple times the size of our constraints. The last kind of us being the worst ones,with both-adequate resources and interest. but to whom pet adoption is a vanity affair. We would shelter a dog, but not a deserving one like you warring forces of nature to keep afloat. But a artificially bred one with a foreign ethnicity, designed to suffocate facebook with cutesy photos.Not your fault that your parents weren’t German sheperds, Labradors, Pugs or even Alsatians. Not your fault that we don’t patronize anything made in India; except rotis, idlis and Gods.

I would’ve loved to bring you up in the copious precincts of my flat under the alibi of a watch dog. But my archaic flat also houses close minded pricks well past their menopause with strict prohibition on raising dogs. They’ve already adopted two watchmen,dangerously fragile septuagenarians for pets. Another inundating constraint is the fact that Ginger is our child and isn’t a dog person exactly.

So I was left with no other better alternative, but enrolling you with Blue Cross.

I had to pull the plug off our bonhomie unceremoniously. I couldn’t complete our eye contacts after that. I was feeling a sore lump in my heart, while you were clinging on to my lap on our way to Blue Cross. I really did pray for a wonderful person to adopt you. I really did.

Your little heart was pounding on my palms when the ruckus of the other animals welcomed you.Sweetheart, I really wanted to console you then. But then, I wanted you to forget our brief rendezvous for good at the same time. I felt pathetic about enrolling you into an orphanage . But trust me, that was the best place to entrust you. Agreed, it is a little stuffy, unhygienic and all. But they foster your kind with genuine love and care. You’ll start agreeing with me when you warm up there. Trust me, being around your species with food and shelter, is way kinder than shuttling between tea shops and overflowing bins. Also, here you stand a bright chance to being adopted by some wonderful individuals. Given your charming ways and the frequency of adoptions there, that’s a virtual certainty.

I couldn’t say these things to you for obvious reasons in the morning. I’m sure you’ll grow up to be a magnificent creature with access to unlimited supply of food and love. Hope you understand me one day ; if you happen to remember me at all by then. Love you Adorable.

Your guilty wellwisher,



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