The autonomy in our anatomy


While at an uptown restaurant we are the personifications of our appetite- as our order makes it’s grand entrance,ensconced in an utensil built to flatter it- we are all our excited eyeballs; when the carefully preserved aroma escapes to tantalize, we become our neglected nostrils.Finally, when we consume our dinner, the fleshy muscular organ we slog hard to appease all day long- the most judgmental part of the human anatomy, the wagging testimony to the most intricate of architectures,with every square inch of it demarcated to react to a specific taste- vetoes the chef’s culinary expertise;  we know the role the tongue plays in making our lives tasteful or not.

I just deconstructed the fine-dining process and the sway it holds us in, despite appearing to just be inconsequentially palatal. The same applies to a concert, where all our personality is contained from either sides of the brain in a state of trance  or during salacious indulgences, when our intellectual extension  becomes subservient to the primal one; while the body as a whole derives its conscious from the genital region.

We came as apes to be in sync with the cause of nature. As we evolved from being neanderthals learning to fashion nature to our whims, we got into civilising us and everything around. Our curiosity grew beyond food, shelter and mating. We started putting name on concepts which were hitherto unacknowledged, like intellect and mind.  Every day, every moment we started  immersing neck-deep into sub-plots, overstaying in some, constructing designations and jargons around them to feel less narcissistic and more flattered; to only end up calling life complicated.So we have words like “connoisseur” to cushion over-indulgent men,”workaholic” to crown shallow-employed beings and phrases like “make love” to sugarcoat passionate intercourse.

A machine is a composition of heterogeneous parts with individual mechanisms that work synchronously towards a homogeneous objective- the machine’s functional purpose.  A bike with an over competent engine or a wheel with an independent agenda would be an anomaly, not a facet which would go on to define the bike’s purpose altogether.We as a race, take pride in being subservient to take a specific organ’s ability or need,hone a skill out of it, make the skill utilitarian and bask in the perks usurped in the process.The other organs notwithstanding their independent aspirations become thankless reindeer to the sleigh, the flagship organ navigates.
So, nepotism to one’s vocal cord makes him a singer,devotion to his cerebrum, an intellectual or an artist; while obsession to the cavity between his legs: a pervert or a pornstar.

So unlike machines, birds and animals, this ability to extrapolate skills and in the process become different persons with each iteration makes us the most intriguing creatures among the created. While the former kind are homogeneous by nature with  a laid out blueprint to nullify individuality, our objectives and desires are contingent to constant evolution with every passing experience attained, every acquaintance made and insurmountable peaks breached.

Maybe this ability to lose plots passionately and make plots out of sub-plots with every passing indulgence constitutes our self-declared sixth sense, our alpha clout over animals and birds. Our intuitions and vibes are born out of them. This is the space which keeps our bond with close ones intact, while preserving a personality that we’ve come to identify to be our ego.
Also this is the same place from which concepts like romance, friendship and companionships derive their sanctity. We feel man is a social animal from here, who suffocates in isolation from his breed. We’ve let ourselves be conditioned for generations to seek solace in being connected with our close ones; the flux in the modes of communication and transport standing testimony to this.

It is one thing to acknowledge the need to interact and the charm it beholds in knowing that someone outside us does care for us; all the more given Darwin’s take on survival of the fittest. But sugarcoating the want of a constant fixture in life in the form of a person to be liberating is a facade preserved carefully, generation after generation through popular culture.
It is one thing to find solace in the company of people who compliment you, but hoping for a soulmate to complete is an ill founded fallacy  that erodes the very sheen of individualism. All of us are unique and completely capable of functioning by ourselves. While our interactions do keep us connected, the lack of it for introspection wouldn’t kill either.
Herd instinct is something animals,birds and insects are born with, there’s no nobility in functioning within its gamut. The pleasure of solitude and soul searching are things which made us civic from wild;our exclusive edge. The impressions that come out from self discovery lend dimensions to us, which seldom come from any social interactions. It is imperative to preserve one’s individuality without getting lost in the crowd, explore the endless manifestations within one’s own self over the convenient need to look for a shoulder to fall on.




2 thoughts on “The autonomy in our anatomy”

  1. You rightly put it, we discover ourselves in moments of contemplative isolation but we do need to be part of the herd. I liked your dissection of the dining process in the beginning of the post.


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