In love with him

When a callous word was to breach his lips,

This guy was his leash of diplomacy

When there was a good shirt on the mannequin of his pet boutique,

This guy kept a note…surreptitiously for him

When there was a new movie in town,

He had the ticket booked by the aisle corner for him

When he wanted to crash a wedding,

This guy was his self appointed accomplice

When he devoured through burger and pizzas the previous night

This guy was his conscience around the love handles the other morning

On a bad hair day before the mirror,

This guy was his comb wielding savior who made him impunctual

When he needed his solitude,

He so delicately handpicked the songs in his playlist and left unoffended

There were some places and people he couldn’t visit during month ends,

This guy’s company was one of those things, a master card couldn’t buy

He was his subservient shadow at sunny times,

His palm clenched umbrella during a downpour

At every evening of his confidence

This guy was the awaiting dawn of assurance

To him it was platonic love with the self,

To them it was narcissism


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