Vice of Exaggeration




An exclamation mark is vestigial to a sentence that is exciting enough.The need to exaggerate is  a travesty of the communication process born out of insecurity of an underlying ulterior motive or from an hapless effort to oversell.It is seldom a secure person’s trait,for it is hard to figure out what these semi-nude actors from PETA campaigns are trying to flaunt more-their love for animals or their photo shopped bodies.

Sometimes the most honest feelings are the ones that breach the adultery of diplomacy and sophistication.Like in the case of spirituality,where an overwhelmed devotee’s salty tears with erect hair strands on his forearms are ode enough to the Almighty over and above the incinerated camphor or the calories sacrificed.

How is that, a dog despite not being one of us becomes family in a matter of minutes, while we feel awkward at our best friend’s doorway in anticipation of parental contact. Sometimes the simplest acts are the most effective as they cater to a single agenda without meandering to impress around the fringes. This explains why a dog with its tongue and tail is way more effective than a bunch of emoticons, best seller quotes & superfluous articulation when it comes to fraternizing

There used to be a point where news channels had a fiduciary sheen around them, thanks to the objective coverage of news with copious grace. These days we have several channels hawking footage of the same shootout from different angles to flaunt an “Exclusive” tag across, thanks to the spirit of upmanship inundating them.

Same is the case with religions. A religion is a nomenclature that encapsulates a school of thought, designing a way of life in the process for like-minded people to identify and direct gratitude in a certain direction. So what should ideally have been privy like a PIN, gets fervently advocated in public domain like soft toys.The culprit being the propagandist spirit entangled in the rhetoric of one upmanship founded on the misplaced virtue of protecting one’s faith from endangerment of a hostile takeover,elevating lynch mobs to a custodian angel pedestran

If that was the case with institutions that had a fiduciary role towards the society,there are a lot of instances were men are unabashedly pretentious in informal circles. For instance, it’s become a ritual to smother one’s face with a well made pastry on the occasion of his/her birthday as a display of bonhomie.

If facebook looks like just another social forum.Think twice,as yours might be a chronic case of cataract. Where to start about the pandemonium-the girl having 876 odd friends, the guy bartering “likes” candidly or the dork who checks in from every place including his restroom.It is funny to witness the paradox unfold ,when a wedding of a guy with an unrealistic number on his “friends list”, gets attended by 1/20th the number.on his list.(but who takes invites sent as offline messages seriously these days.)

Gone are those times when friends employed arguments and cuss-words when faced with difference of opinions. A person not liking his friend’s profile picture, deleting a post on his wall by his friend or blocking him from his profile surreptitously have become the modus operandi,thanks to the upheaval caused by the advent of facebook.

When the news of a hideous holocaust in the neighbouring country breaks, we could resort to praying for the survivors, shed a tear or two if faint hearted or even take a moment away from regular routine to overcome the impetus of the news. But what do we do instead, we create fancy hashtags on twitter to show our solidarity with eyes fixated on retweets received.I don’t think we would resort to a similar burlesque, when our close ones are at the receiving end.

It is come to a point when we are talking about a Tarentino flick or Vanilla Sky’s ending, but are actually using them as an alibi to show off the connoisseur lurking within.

The predicament of a person indulging in exaggeration could be compared to that of one with two left feet attempting to dance before a full house.It is primal when hit by an avalanche of emotions to be overwhelmed, instead of bothering to articulate the feeling in pursuit of the approval of a judgemental crowd. If one is able to articulate a genuine emotion, it ain’t as beautiful as the means used to describe  it for:

When we acknowledge a joke, we are preoccupied laughing that we can’t text-“lol”,

When we have a great meal we are preoccupied licking the fingers that we can’t check-in,

 When we are in love we are preoccupied sending telepathic waves that we can’t send a heartin.


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