Together Apart

Born in the dichotomy of inhaling and exhaling is life. For how would intake of oxygen seemrelevant, without the punctuated venting of carbon dioxide. A bonding is as special as the tenure of separation that preceded it.

Our times seems to be characterised by the epidemic of overdone togetherness. where we see a couple invade righteously into each other’s personal space in the name of love. Ironically, love stories of the yore that happened over correspondence with civil wars at the back drop,seemed to have endured the test of changing times in a better fashion as opposed to relations nurtured by Whatsapp and Skype,set in a world with a rapidly shrinking radius,

That was an era when platonic was revered fervently, a time where the lover’s picture in the wallet was purgatory enough unlike our Instagram times.

There is something magical about separation in a relation. It makes you miss the aura of your partner, long for their body’s warmth, vicariously live those cherished moments in the mind while realizing the way they completed you.

While the time together might tempt you to take your partner for granted, the time away would more often than not make you realize their value. Togetherness might breed complacency, while solitude would lend respect to a relation.

Move a foot away from a tree, you would see the tree better. Move a few more feet,you may see the garden it is a part of and move a few more feet, you would see the entire house it belongs to.

The figurative distance from your partner lends objectivity to your relationship. You tend to appreciate facets in them, which you might not have been able to with the forced proximity.

We are what we dream of, what we aspire and what we stand for. One’s individuality is his signature.A relationship is nutrition for his soul, for it inspires him to look upto another day with purpose.

A crisis of a relationship born on the death of one’s individuality can be likened to the predicament of a person so overwhelmed by his vehicle to embark on a journey with it.

When people around us are succumbing to romance or marriage,  we are no exception to eventuality unless we display a unlikely dogged resilience. So neither would we be the first or the last to be in a relation with a person we love. So the lure to over-sanctify the institution of marriage or romance from being a designation in the visiting card, to our visiting place itself would naturally inundate us.


4 thoughts on “Together Apart”

  1. Loved this post! I sometimes feel I was born in the wrong era, considering how much I would love doing things the old school way.Simpler times and the longing to see the one is probably what kept the bond strong over the period of time. That being said I cannot deny that social media and all this www jazz has given me somethings I would want to hold onto.


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