The Year that was-2014 via 2015



The 31st day of December every year is a point to review the turn of events of the soon to be erstwhile year put in a clerical manner or the brink of the tesseract employed to transport us from present continuous panorama to the enigmatic pastures of future,put in a little over imaginative manner.Like people hell bent on decorating the statue of a philosopher with scant regard for his teachings, we barely have a genuine moment to take stock of the year ticking away to its finale. Instead we are so preoccupied in the New year parties in those pristine havens pied piped by DJs with fancy pseudonyms
This blog is my way of keeping up with the tradition of fondly reminiscing.about a person after his time to flatter myself to be among those very few “against the tide” pieces God created.

Ego is a whip with a burning tip.With every superfluous swing at someone, there’s a good possibility of a backlash.That said,it’s a luxury only the very honest can deal with to tower among the herd. This year I learnt to leverage it to earn respect, to display resilience at times and to make hate a few times too.
In the domain of love,this year could be called a mixed bag. There was an identity crisis in my system after my break up as to whether love was a flattery of mutual dependence or the second comforting warmth that adorns promiscuity of two adults. But like conjuring of life in the form of wild flowers on the surface of a cemetery,my cynicism paved way for an open mind. For it is only very natural for life after death.
I learned to be more adventurous in my pursuits unlike last time, conditionally blind to a few pursuits and complacently wait for telepathy to weave its magic once. Also there was this butterfly span of a unconventional instance of unrequited love which was very special.

As far as travelling was concerned this year was pretty upbeat. There were two road trips,one to Goa and another to Hyderabad.There’s something about the streaks of meadows,the inundating mountains, the golden carpets of dry grass combed by the winds, the occasional windmills that I encountered whilst the travel that left a indelible therapeutic effect on my personality.The trips woke me up to the insignificance of my existence in the larger scheme of things, the passing mile stones kept reminding me of the permanence of change making me a lot calmer person than last year.

There were a few cases of premature deaths this year which mocked at the concept of life memberships. They were reality checks that taught me to passionately live by making mistakes that I could claim ownership today, than to exist in a risk devoid realm of today guarded by the vulnerable walls of a secure tomorrow
I met with two major accidents, one was on road and the other a break-up. Both took some part of me on barter for new found wisdom.The wisdom to sieve formalities in friendships and friendships in courtesy. Also I learnt to acknowledge the predictability in human emoting that allowed me to humour the stench of the other man’s vices.
Habits that we learn to control turn into routines and the ones that control us turn into vices. Picked up a few good habits and succumbed to a few at times. This year was about purposive self control that added a new dimension to my character.
Every year is like a chapter in a book. There’s no significance to a chapter independent of the book’s context.2014 was an eventful 26th entry to my book. Looking forward the surprises 2015 has in store


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