The complete picture


Sachin was batting so well the other day when I was about to leave for work, I just couldn’t get myself to leave.. As his half century was culminating to yet another hundred, the morning was late in the afternoon with my minute andhour hands juxtaposing places. The guy who’s internal audit report was pending submission was ecstatic about the maestro’s completion of his double ton. When we are so preoccupied living the lives of others vicariously, destiny uses extra mural alibis to pull us back on track. So guardians turn watchdogs, months ends, death knells.


The other day I was at the railway station, immersed in my playlist, traversing in a parallel realm when I was about to hop across the railway track to get to the platform on the otherside.Call it providence or my karma, I didn’t. For I had complelely overlooked a fast approaching train, enamoured in the nuances of a song’s lyrics. That in-completion had dragged me from the jaws of death in a fleeting moment.

My break-up with her would eternally remain an incomplete story for there were many things left un-reconciled for our own comfort.I remained a lone romantic in a space which was once divine,inundated by my unrequited love. As much as one would like revel in the sea of love forever, every relation ends to allow the time-frame to gasp for fresh air to go back to embrace the enigmatic sea with fresh found fondness.

There have been times when mom’s tried out a new  dish which didn’t turn out too well or a friend kept going offnote in his acapella attempt, when all I did was exercise diplomacy.

For as brutally honest as I would like to believe myself to be, there have been times I’ve actually managed to hold myself back from saying things to dear ones with misplaced self-righteousness. Valour is sometimes having a vantage point of reason to hurt someone, but choosing not in a fiduciary capacity. Discretion is a good-incompleteness which keeps the world a calmer place.

My life has been full of incomplete anecdotes-some consequential and conscious and the others, just shallow and complacent.I’ll have to live long enough to figure out the picture, these incomplete anecdotes go on to paint of my life as, either a masterpiece or a grotesque.

Every chapter as consequential as it is, is incomplete in isolation. For a book has to be read in entirety  to appreciate the contribution every incomplete chapter brings to the plot.


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