OK Kanmani- field notes of a romantic

Soulmates are like magnets, for as much resilience as they might exhibit to be away, the force of attraction would eventually take over.

What starts as a vagabond affair seems to grow gravity along with firm ground beneath, with the enigmatic charm of curiosity paving way to organically settled chemistry.
Ok Kanmani is the story of a commitment-phobic lead pair, who start with being content on grazing from fringes initially, to only digress from carnal shallows to soulful depths of bonding.

This is an oxymoronic catharsis of incongruous intentions and manifestations. It’s about an unlikely journey two got along to embark on, to the one that gets them along in the end.

Adi & Tara get acquainted to each other in an uncanny scenario as fleeting images on either side of a railway track. From there on, the smitten two employ about every cliche in the book to get closer from coffee shop flirtations to small talks in public transport.

Buoyed by the freedom of being in an alien city under the vigil of just their collective conscience alone, the scene of action culminates in the obvious eventuality of bed.

From then on precarious rules are set to keep away from the uncharted territory of romance.With this make shift relation at the helm, they decide to live in together in the PG accommodation of Ganapathy uncle & Bhavani aunty.

This elderly couple, that fell in love & got married decades back depicts the sway of old school romance subtly with melodrama at check, with the husband parenting his Alzheimer hit wife with undeterred enthusiasm.

So what we get at this point is a motley of a couple that loathe the very institution of marriage and another basking in its evening of a successful one under the same roof.

This gradually leads to a meta-concentric circle of endearment, with the audience vicariously reveling in the non-committal space of Adi & Tara, with Adi & Tara gradually falling for the old fashioned charms of the marriage between the elderly  couple.

As their careers start to turn in different directions, their whirlwind romance starts to lose its wind with cobwebs of predictability settling over passion.While ironically, the romance of yore  grows from strength to strength with the progress in the level of the wife’s Alzheimer’s.

It is at this stage on the eve of their separation, that Bhavani aunty goes missing. Forced together to go looking for her at a time when they could kill to be away from each other, the two go about hurling insults at each other. All the time hoping the insinuations would only sugarcoat the pain of separation.
This ersatz war of words brings down the insulation of indifference between the two, with Adi breaking down to confess his love for her and she acknowledging hers. Providence sets the stage up, commemorating the conjuring of their love with the discovery of Bhavani aunty .


Below is an excerpt from this song “Malargal Kaeten” in the movie which epitomizes the theme of the movie. It is rendered from the point of view of a lover, enchanted by the paradox of  her needs being over-fulfilled every time. Every need being a mean to her loved one finally.

Malargal Kaettaen
vanamae thandhanai.
thanneer kaettaen
amirtham thandhanai.edhai naan ketpin

unnaye tharuvaaiKaattil tholaindhen
vazhiyaai vandhanai.
irulil tholaindhaen
oliyaai vandhanaiedhanil tholaindhaal..
neeye varuvaai.Pallam veelndhaen
sigaram serthanai.
vellam veelndhaen
karayil serthanai.

edhanil veelndhaal…
unnidam serppaai.

I just asked for flowers,
you gave me a garden.
I asked for water
you gave me nectarWhat I should ask for ?
to give yourself.I got lost in the forest,
you came as a guiding path.
I got lost in the dark,
you came as a guiding light.

where should I lose myself
so that you will come.

I fell in the pit
you took me to the peak.
I fell in the flood
you reached me to the shore.

In what  should I fall?
To reach you.


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