In the name of movies-PART II

Age like disease and death is one of the unbiased manifestations of nature, stings you whoever you are. But cinema is a make believe world where more stories are told than incidents. Thanks to the leverage of being the alter ego of the masses, the protagonist can afford to tamper with the phenomenon of aging within the purview of the story.This piece addresses the burlesque ways an actor turns a caricature with copious amount of perks involved.

20-60  60-60 & 20-16  60-20 Syndromes:

Cinema is all about eternity, the role you start your career which becomes your staple role in for the rest of your life. There are infinite cases where an actor started playing  60 yr old at his 20th yr & continued playing  60yr old at his 60th yr too(20-60-60-60) & likewise there were the lucky ones who started their careers, playing roles of their age & continue playing the similar age roles even as their life insurance is about to mature(20-16-60-20).

Following would be the salient features of the

(20-60-60-60) victims:

  • Fixed income, job security similar to Govt jobs
  • Opportunity of grandfatherly/fatherly hugs & kisses from heroines of different generations who after their heydays act as your spouse.
  • It’s a very dirty situation to flirt with the heroine outside the shoot with the contingency of her calling you pa/grandpa looming large.
  • Frustration of not making to the casting couch
  • Remarkable acumen over choice of  wigs(subject to the rapidness of balding)
  • Embarrassment of seeing school friends go to college sporting t-shirts in bikes, flirting with girls of their age group.
  • Can’t do heavy workouts in gyms due to nature of role
  • Endorsements comprising of bone & joint hospitals, piles/diabetes medicine , matrimonial , mediclaim insurance, betel nut & supari
  • Monotony of roles ranging from aging father to ailing father to doting grandpa(who tries hard to be cute & who’s ears is twisted by a  seasoned grandma actor  for stealthily trying to eat sweet) to a bed ridden grandpa(who flirts with the nurse) to a dead grandpa hanging in the house’s wall

of fame( the pre-death footage comes in a blink n miss flashback)

Following would be the salient features of the (20-16-60-20) beneficiaries:

  • Rapidly increasing income, directly proportionate to the market
  • Option of as many retakes during making of intimate scenes with heroines
  • Can negotiate risk & lust by using a body double for risky action sequences while erotic sequences & item numbers can be done with own efforts.
  • Can be the chairman of casting couch committee & still cut a pious public image by regular visits to hilly terrains & pet donations to famous religious trusts.
  • Embarrassment of watching enacted romantic or exaggerated stunt sequences with grandchildren who get you daily BP/sugar tablets or help you negotiate slippery toilets back home.
  • Ass of the gym trainer’s sarcasm post preview of enacted “mass”action flick, when his assistance is a prerequisite for a brief stint on the treadmill or lifting unflattering weights
  • Endorsement including Mobile Companies, Clothing Line, Shampoo, Fairness Creams, Beverages, Templeships, gold loans




To be continued…


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