Gym Night

His gym closed at 9.30 PM unapologetically. Aware of which he wanted to indulge in some cardio in a bid to mitigate effects,a possible heavy dinner might have on his love handles.Not that he wasn’t fit,just that he was a little touchy around the waist. As soon as he entered the gym’s cardio segment, he could see a petite frame of a girl working out on a elliptical equipment. Good for him, the entire floor had mirrors embedded on walls, that he needn’t have to lech further.Her face was pretty, more importantly graceful.


He(hesistantly): How do I increase the pressure on this one?

She: Press the “UP” button on the right hand top of the hand

He:Thanks. Veteran here?

She:I’m pretty irregular.I’m getting married the next month, so on a mission.

He:Presume it’s a theme wedding with a pretentious photographer earmarked to tell a story through 25 pictures in scenic locations with his company’s name watermarked on the bottom corner of every picture?

She(bursts into laughter):Kind of. Just that I want to look pretty

He:Btw, I’m Akshath

She: I’m Vrithika. I know it’s a weird name

He:No,it’s not. Just that your teachers should have had phonetic issues while taking attendance and you must have your name spelled wrong in correspondences,more often than not

She:My grandmom chose it

He:Why did she have a veto on your name for christsake?

She gushed


She:What do you do?

He:I’m a financial consultant.You?


He: I better to be politically correct.The band on the neck together with the black gown makes for good viewing

She: Dude. It’s summer and doesn’t help that I sweat like a pig.

He:We have our official fashion peeves too-blazers for Chennai’s humidity

She:Jobless wife of Akshay kumar is trending because she trolled Chetan Bhagat.

He:Bhagat bashing is the new sport on social media

She:I read the plot summary on the back of his recent book.It would make a 3rd grade kid squirm in his English classes.

He:Really? I had regards for him for getting the hoi polloi into the reading habit. That said he can’t leverage his popularity as a writer to judge dance shows.

She chuckled


He:Why are you in ethnic clothes?

She:Straight from office. I had a pair of sweat shirts which smelt pungent.

He:Thanks for being considerate.

She(laughs):I feel referring a woman,”woman” is so disrespectful. We can’t call u men.”male”.Can we?

He:”Woman” has got an authoritative ring to it.”Male” is not only part of parlance, but blah on the ears too.Perks of male chauvinism

The Gym’s manager subtly asks them to get the f*** out in the switch off language.

She: Last 5 mins, Sir.

The lights come back on the floor in a jiffy with the contingency of him remaining as unexcited.

He:Had I asked for the same extension, he would have shown his third finger from either side

She:Perks of female chauvinism, I suppose.

He:Hail hydra!!

She:I’m done. Nice meeting you Akshath. You’ll be coming tomorrow?

He:Ciao Vrithika. See you around.

He walked her to her car that was parked outside the complex housing the gym. Then drove home smiling.Baffling, given the fact that he was eternally, a stone-faced grump.


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