A romantic evening


She was observantly looking at him approach her perched on a couch that was built to flatter the back. She was taking inventory of a few things like the blue checks complimenting the underlying red of his muscle fit shirt. the perfection of the stubble’s length along with the envious jawline it was accentuating, his gait which was pretentiously out a “Bhai” flick,

“Ogling at me”,he quipped
“No was imagining the crowd mopping across the mall as a flashmob dancing to my tunes!”,she retorted sarcastically
“Good to know that you ain’t myopic,baby!”,he giggled
“Not amused at all. Btw, why haven’t u got ur haircut yet?”
“It’s been ages since my rear-neck has been cuddled by my punk….and I don’t look all that bad either!”,he defended
“Hey bhagwan”,she exclaimed

This rhetorical exercise of trading sarcasm went on till the cold coffees arrived in the eternal company of club-sandwiches.Atleast there was something tangible to munch on now. Peace ensued over the table not because their romance had taken over the reigns from indifference, but this beverages induced equilibrium was an all too familiar spot they would find themselves after the first round of nuclear tests.

Next they indulged in the most celebrated cliche’ of cupid struck ones -that of watching a movie in a scantly populated theatre’s wall corner that epitomised the “talk less, work more” ideology. Wouldn’t know if it was the enticing darkness or the security of the strategic position assumed, the sinful union brought them the closest for the evening,literally and figuratively. Ironically, the couple manicured under the utopian knife of literature,poetry,ayn-rand philosophies, katherine heigl rom-coms had to resort to primal ways from adam & eve era, to salvage their relationship rooted in multiplex culture.

Candles were invented to luminate through the depths of dungeons and caves, but their paradoxical presence on a table of a dimly-lit uptown restaurant would make the inventor roll in his grave. Next on their itinerary of indulgence was candlelight dinner.
“This place is so beautiful”,she blushed
“It only reflects yours”,he flattered
They discussed various topics ranging from movies,politics,marriage,priority names for expected offsprings over aristocratic bland food with fancy names. It was a warm conversation characterised by sweet taciturns & over zealous servers.

Then the trip back home to drop her in which they were auditing the ertswhile events with suggestions and scope for improvement.The turning that led to her independent house at a dead end was the inevitable full stop at the end of their “happy-nothings” everytime they caught up.
She got down from his bike to plant a wet kiss on his forehead.
“Happy 1st Anniversary,Baby”,he gushed and left.


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