A Letter to God



Dear God,

What’s your favourite colour-orange,green or white? Just kidding, now don’t take it on my bike’s walltube when I’m running late for a date next time. So hope your doing good when this piece reaches your realm. If this theory of you existing in every creation of yours is true, this endeavor of mine is by you to you. So kindly overlook the political incorrectness of an insignificant alter ego of yours.

Do you fit into the conventions of relationships?In case you do, are you single, committed or discrete?Some sources say you’re married, while some say you are a nomadic-bachelor with a penchant for spreading ways of life.

So how did you conjure creation, in a conventional manner had demigods for offspring with your Goddess and lineage descended on the face of earth or are you an alpha-hermaphrodite who initiated the not so subtle big bang?

All is good here,with India in cracking form in the ongoing world cup.Hope you follow cricket.Sorry for those random questions, I’ve always been curious about these things and have always meant to ask you,no offence.

I’m from this part of the world(look up on your GPS) where religions exceed the religious, but people take pride in the versatility of the pandemonium. Here god-men are quite popular and atheists are sensational too, with a few broken teeth.I guess, mine is the last generation that embraced a certain way of life founded on grandparental-folklores imparted at bedtime, This crop connected by Whatsapp is exactly not renown for their subservience, what with they questioning the propriety of every institution from the safe confines of Facebook walls or talk shows curated by pretentious celebrities.Never take these actors visiting religious places on thursdays seriously, for they’ve got no agenda with you apart from the superstition that you influence the fortune of their movies set to release the next day.

With regard to handling your nemeses too there is noticeable disparity-sometimes you’ve taken up to graphical showdowns employing forces of nature as props to intimidate and there were also times when you appeared multi-limbed( taking being multi-faceted literally) before naive men who used facial hair to intimidate.Not to forget,when you gracefully let them crucify you in public display, to only employ theatrics after a few days to sanctify “fridays” for eternity. Looks like you’re quite the attention-seeker,going by all this.Aren’t you?

Are you a person with a streamlined-jawline and beefed up physique or just another Morgan Freeman doppelganger,epitomizing content over form?  Have you been conveniently bestowed with a human form,befitting your stature as our creator, given that we are the single most influential species on Earth. Assuming that the creator looked like one among the dominant species, how did you look in the Mesozoic Era when the dinos ruled?

Coming to think of my metamorphosis from being an ardent devotee with unfloundering faith who turned into an indifferent atheist to finally become someone using you as an alibi to self-discovery, I’ve come a whole circle around you.Wouldn’t know if the humbling influences that I encountered in the process were administered by you in the name of Karma or were personal.But one thing, I’ve started to feel your aura around like an anchor when the mind meanders these days.

Looks like there are legions of your followers who are so overwhelmed by blind faith to deconstruct the metaphors in folklore.They have contemporised currencies,clothing,drainage systems and what not according to changing times. But god tales remain inaccessibly archaic.

We have civil lawyers to end unresolved issues between estranged cousins over inherited property these days.But we still haven’t had enough of the pep talk between a charioteer and his brother-in-law, on a battlefield.

I suppose we as a race like to romanticize the literature instead of the embedded metaphor that it encases.I would blame it on our yearning for a personal touch. For if I were such an anomaly and saw you as just a collage of metaphors,wouldn’t be writing this.

Perplexed with Gratitude,




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